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The ZebEel

Photos: Faye Tan

The ZebEel is an absurd yet sensitive creature born from the marvellous verbatim bullshit of Mal Sharpe and James P. Coyle.

Prjkt MOM: Dust was a 3 hour-long multidisciplinary gallery event featuring live performances, installations, and short films. 

At this particular event, The ZebEel was brought back to life as an exposed, interactive, solo performance.


"You can choose to feed it, stroke it, provoke it, or stand back to observe its hybridous qualities. You can also choose to ignore it like the dust in the room–plain in sight yet obscure."

Linbury Studio Theatre (2014)

Short solo choreographed and performed at the Rambert School's end-of-year performance at the Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London.


19 May 2014


Audio track: Mal Sharpe and James P. Coyle


Filmed by Gielgud Films

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