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Last updated: 22 May 2024

I work at National Dance Company Wales as a dance artist. We are currently working on a new double-bill with works by Matthew Robinson and Melanie Lane, to be premiered and toured this autumn alongside a family work by Lea Anderson, Zoetrope.

I have choreographed a piece with graduating year students at Rambert School for their graduation show. Performance dates:

"Next Dance" \ Venice \ March

Pre[view] Rambert School \ 27 & 28 March

The Point, Eastleigh \ 21 June

Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House \ 1 July

Rambert School \ 8 & 9 July

Throughout Spring 2024 I was working with young dancers at the Centre for Advanced Training at The Lowry in Manchester to make a new piece which will be performed on The Lowry's Quays Stage and an outdoor festival in Manchester.

We Invented the Weekend Festival, Salford \ 16 June

National U.Dance Festival Platform at The Liverpool Playhouse \ 13 July

The Lowry CAT Showcase at The Lowry, Quays Theatre \ 20 July

On July 3 & 4 I will be working with T.H.E Dance Company in Singapore to research my choreographic practice with the dancers. There will be a public sharing of this research in the evening in their studio on the 4th of July.


In January 2025 I will be creating a new piece with sculptor Cecile Johnson SolizCecile and I have previously worked together as part of Laboratori 2022 to research the meeting points between our dance and visual arts practices.

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