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No endings and no beginnings

“... unbelievably beautiful. I had happy tears in my eyes and was on edge throughout. Everything I love about dance in one piece.”

— audience member

“... Just fabulous choreography, score perfect & utterly immersive. Thank you”

— audience member

“Like Trisha Brown goes clubbing”

— someone from Pavilion Dance South West

A burst of a climax, followed by a hypnotic afterglow.


In a collaborative effort to find out what happens next, we have created a moment in time and space where the dancers tune in to cathartic experiences of rhythm and sensation.

Duration: 15 minutes


Commissioned by VERVE in 2022.

Toured the UK and Italy in 2023.

Dancers: Allegra Vistalli, Andrew Scott, Jules Young, George Burton, Ella Roberts, Sari Mizoe, Mavi Bortolotti, Lucy Ritter, Fabio Pronesti

Music: Larch

Costumes: Andi Walker

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