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‘Eve and Adam’ illustrates an interpretation of the traditional religious parable. According to the original narrative, these two figures were the original parents and were responsible for the fall of humanity. The piece explores the characters’ discovery of the world around them.
It also started with a desire to display the capacity and capability of human hands, as entire stories can unfold through the dance of our fingers and palms.


Choreography: Faye Tan
Design: Hannah Taylor

Video: Faye Tan and Hannah Taylor
Music: Iron and Wine
Dancers: Natalie Alleston and Robert Bridger

Performed at Design for Dance 2015
Platform Theatre, King's Cross
14-17 March 2015

(Subsequently performed in 5 other venues throughout London, Swindon and Peterborough)


Wide-shot: Isabel Albuquerque
Medium close-up: Faye Tan

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